Apr 8, 2017

Execellence - Hydrophobic Shirts 2020

Execellence Hydrophobic shirts are waterproof, antifouling ,anti-wrinkle & breathable. it’s a t-shirt crafted with an advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt.It's a V-Neck Shirt with a good silky feel Benefits: Using the latest technology for your everyday life. It’s for work, exercise or just simply being stylish. Please view sizing Chart before ordering. International sizes. Get it now Link here:http://djtripleexe.com/product/execellence-hydrophobic-shirts/

I shot this commercial in mid-december 2016 with a camera crew and hired a few people to participate the commercial. I hope you like it...

Aug 6, 2016

DJ Triple Exe - Pure Winery 56 (Hosted By Louie Rankin From The Movie Belly)

DJ Triple Exe releases a new dancehall mixtape for the summer 16. It's hosted by Louie "Ox Rankin From the movie Belly and he also appeared in the movie Shottas. Belly is a 1998 American crime drama film, directed by music video director Hype Williams, in his film directing debut. Filmed in New York City, the film stars rappers DMX and Nas, alongside Taral Hicks, Method Man, dancehall artist Louie Rankin and R&B singer T-Boz. SOURCE:WIKIPEDIA